Spotlight: Jessie Kuruc

Jessie is an amazing artist who works in watercolor, gouache, photography, and acrylic. This girl absolutely loves an artistic challenge, and she is best known for her one-of-a-kind  engagement ring paintings. Her paintings are the perfect gift for anyone who wants something extra special and personal for a proposal, wedding, or anniversary. We caught up with this talented lady to find out more about her art and inspiration.

How did you start painting engagement rings?

 It was actually an accident! I've always worked in weddings; I started as a photographer and dabbled a little in calligraphy/watercolor wedding decor. I did some large gem stone watercolors in college, which was my first time ever painting, really, and fell in love! It just made sense to do engagement rings, since it combined gems and weddings! I did one painting, thinking maybe I'd get a few orders and make some extra money, and my wait list has hardly been under 4 months since then, so this is my life now! 


What do you love most about painting engagement rings?

 I love that each piece is different. Even traditional solitaires can be totally different from one another, so it's always something new. I also LOVE to be able to provide a gift for the girl who has everything. I'm a huge gift giver and it's always a great feeling to give someone a gift that they can cherish for years to come. 


Aside from engagement rings, what else do you paint/design? 

 I really only have time for engagement rings at the moment, but on weekends I love working on gem pieces for my print shop as well as a more conceptual gem series that I'm working on that I can't wait to share soon!  I also love to design engagement rings-- low-key, my newest dream is to collaborate with a ring designer and have my own little line of engagement rings. 


How would you describe your artistic style?

 My artistic style is definitely a mix between realism and illustrative. They look realistic and photo-esque until you get close and you can really see the watercolor and the messiness that comes with it. Kind of like Georges Seurat, except a lot less talented. 


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

 If only I had an answer! I really had no idea this would be my job--I didn't even know I could watercolor until recently, so I'm a little behind on the life-long dreaming. I would love to have a studio space that isn't a part of my living room. I'd also like to be collaborating with some big box stores, though I think local jewelers will always be my number 1. Oh, and prints. I want lots and lots of prints available for purchase because I know custom art is not always in budget. I also need a fat ass English bulldog with neck rolls and an underbite. I don't believe my business can truly succeed until I have one. 



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