Cleaning and Caring for your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring essentially becomes an extension of yourself. Since you’ll be wearing this piece of jewelry everyday for the rest of your life (hopefully) it is important to care for it properly.

First things first, get that baby insured. Make sure you get an appraisal for the full replacement value of the ring, so that if it gets lost or stolen your insurance can cover the cost. Once you get the insurance out of the way, there are a few things you can do to make sure your engagement ring stays in tip top shape.

I would recommend taking your ring for a checkup to the jeweler every 18- 24 months; it is your baby after all. These visits entail getting your diamonds checked, your prongs tightened, and your ring cleaned and polished. In general, it is good to get everything tight and right so you don’t look down at your hand one day and notice that your diamond has fallen out of the setting.

Also, if you notice your diamond isn’t as sparkly as you remember it being, it is probably coated in a mixture of dirt, hand lotion, soap, and who knows what else. There are times when your ring can get gross due to daily life, but there is no need to panic. A simple home cleaning solution is very effective. The secret trick to cleaning your ring at home involves Dawn dish soap, warm water, and a toothbrush. First, take a bowl and fill it with a  few drops of Dawn and warm water. Let your ring soak in the soapy water for a few minutes before gently scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush. Rinse your ring off under warm water, but make sure your drain is covered! Finally, dry off your ring with a paper towel or soft cloth. Be careful of the prongs snagging in the cloth. If this does happen, that means it is time to take your ring in for its annual checkup.

By following these basic instructions, your ring should remain gorgeous until you are ready to pass it down to the next generation.