Clear Cut Couples: Jen and Andrew

Jen and Andrew met at summer camp in the Berkshires up in Massachusetts. They attended camp at the same time, and started dating 7 years ago when they became counselors.

After meeting them, it was apparent that their  happiness and love for one another was contagious. When Andrew reached out to me to start the engagement ring process, I couldn’t have been more excited to help.  He was one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. He did a ton of research and we worked together to narrow down what style ring would best suit Jen. Andrew decided on a gorgeous round brilliant diamond set in a very delicate mirco pave band.

Andrew decided to pop the question where they first met, the Berkshires. After his Business School final exams, Andrew whisked Jen away for a romantic weekend. He brought her to their favorite French restaurant in a small town called Lee. Andrew took care of every little detail, from having a waitress capture the moment with his phone to having the champagne arrive just as he proposed. He asked her to marry him right at the table. She didn’t even remember what he was saying, but she knows she said yes. Jen says “in an instant this had become the happiest moment of my entire life.”

Jen and Andrew plan on getting married in Spring 2017 on Long Island where Jen is originally from.